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Litter Bins

Garden Furniture

New to
We have a brand new range of garden furniture. Excellent quality products which include garden benches, bird tables and more...


New Choices for your garden
New Terracotta and Green Planters ideal for large srubs of flower displays. The choices are endless.



Welcome to

Bring a New Look to your Garden here at

Welcome to our garden site here we can provide and supply you everything you need for your garden. Whether your looking for a step by step garden guide, general or helpful information on flowers and products or you looking to purchase any of our products. No matter what we are here at your service.
So why not see our wonderful range of garden products - From Stoneware, Garden pots , garden ornaments, rainwater harvesting, water features, garden planters,
fountains, fish ponds, water Storage tanks, pet store, garden furniture,
barrel planters, garden water pumps, wood burning stoves and more...

Special Offer 750 Litre Water Butt
750 litre water butt at special offer price for limited time only! They come in four different colours (green marble, white marble, sandstone or millstone grit). This water butt is made with a much thicker plastic than most standard water butts.

Water Butt 350 Litres
Water Butt Sandstone
Water Butt Millstone Grit
Water butt 350 litres
Green Marble - Slimline design and easy to store
Water butt 350 litres
Sandstone - Slimline design and easy to store
Water butt 350 litres
Millstone Grit- Slimline design and easy to store

Water Butts
A new range of fun water butts that are ideal for water storage. Unlike most water butts these water butts come in two choices of bright colours. Really simple to use and store in any size garden or grounds.

Grit Bins
Special Offer Grit Bin plus salt, shovel, hi viz vest and gloves

Barrel Garden Planters

New 2011 garden planters which includes our new barrel planters and Urn Planters. They tolerate all weather conditions, they are strong, durable and designed to last and they come in a fantastic colour variety.

Oil Tanks
This Winter keep Warm with Ecosure Oil Tanks - See Our New Range Here store in and around your garden


New Water Butts
Brand New Garden Water Butts - Slim and Easy To Store At A Fantastic Price!

New Ecosure Water Butt New water tank 1600 ltrs New Water Tank 2000 Litres New Water Tank 2500 Ltrs

Regency Garden Planter Regency Graden Planter Chimney Pot Planter Chimney Pot Planter

Regency Garden Planters

Chimney Pot Planter Chimney Pot Planter Trough Garden Planter Rustic Garden Planter

Chimney Pot Planters

Garden Planters

Underground Water Storage
Underground Water Storage - Maybe you have a small garden or maybe you just want to save rainwater but dont want the water tank on show. Well why not try saving and collecting your rainwater and storing it in one of our underground water tanks. Engineered and designed with extra strength and durability and easy to access when needed.

Garden Water Features
Garden Water Features - See our beautiful collection and create that relaxing sensation in your garden amongst your garden flowers and garden furniture

Water Butts 700 Litres

Ecosures 700 Litres
Water Butts

The 700 Litre Water Butts - A Different Design Water Butt Thats Easy And Simple To Maintain. Easy To Access And Tolerates All Weather Conditions.
Ecosure 700 Litre Water Butts Come In Three or Four Different Colours.

Slimline Water Butts

Slimline Water Butts

Ecosure has a wide range of slim designed water butts that range from many different sizes and colours. Ideal for sliding in small spaces, along your garden shed or greenhouse. Durable and made with extra strength and tolerates all weather conditions.

Rainwater Harvesting

Rainwater Harvesting

Many people ask is it worth saving your own rainwater? and will it make a difference?

-Cuts Down Your Water Bills
-Saves You Money
-Rainwater is better for your garden

-Simple and Easy to maintain

Garden Ponds

Garden Ponds

See our selection of garden ponds - maybe your a fish lover and want to create a garden pond to keep your fish, or maybe you just water a pond with a water feature. See our selection

Garden Tools

Garden Tools

We are here at your service and we provide a wide range of garden tools which include both manual tools and power tools. From decking installation tools, fibre glass shovels, grass trimmers, hedge trimmers and many other DIY power tools
Click Here



Easy to fit and use, these irrigation systems are ideal for small and large gardens. Set your irrigation system on a timer and go on holiday knowing your garden and plants are being well watered.

Excellent varieties of flowers and plants, a new range of garden furniture, water butts, garden tools, garden ornaments, garden water fountains, garden lighting, lawn mowers and more all here at So explore our ranges and if you have any queries feel free to get in contact with us.

Garden Flowers
January Flower
February Flower
March Flower
Lotus Flower
Violet Flower
The Lotus Flower otherwise known as Nelumbo nucifera. In modern times this flower is found wild in parts of Africa, Australia and southern parts of Asia. A symbolic flower to Hinduism
The colour violet comes from the actual Violet flower which comes in many beautiful shades.
The beautiful Daffodil flower otherwise known as Narcissus flower is recognised as a springtime flower that comes in beautiful shades of yellow and white.
April Flower
May Flower
June Flower
Bleeding Heart
Sun Flower
The Daisy is such a known and common flower to us all. It has been used in many poetic verses and childrens games. Daisy stands for romance and gentleness.. An elegant flower.
The Bleeding heart otherwise known as 'Dutchman's Trousers' they are a heart-shaped tiny flowers that comes in soft colours of pale pink,dark pink, soft white and red they live in soft shade to full.
Sunflowers originate from America and in the 16th century the seeds were then introduced to Europe where the grew and became more popular through time.The sunflower is a beautiful summer flower.
July Flower
August Flower
Sepetember Flower
Water Lily
The Largest Water Lily is found in the Amazon and it can grow to 2 feet to 6 feet in the diameter. Water Lilies come in many shades of whites, yellows. pinks. Water Lilies are associated with Claude Monet's famous paintings of water lilies.
Osteospermum flowers from late spring to autumn and comes in clumps of flowers. Colous range in Mauve - pink to daisy colour. Grow well in sunlight and drained soil
The September flower is the dahlia flower a commmon and elegant flower. The Dahlias were first recorded in 1615 by the westerners when they were known by 'acoctli' (their Mexician Name).
October Flower
November Flower
December Flower
Chrysanthemum Poinsettia
There are many other names for the Alstroemeria plant such as Peruvian Lily and Ulster Mary. There are many types of this plant and all types of the Alstroemeria plant mainly come from places in south America such as Chile and Argentina.
The Chrysanthemum Flower - There are around 200 species of the Chrysanthemum which come in many shapes and colours. In Germany they have Chrysanthemum flowers at christmas time to welcome the baby Jesus.
The Poinsettia is the most related with christmas flower. The beautiful red plant that is native to Mexico.

Garden Product Information
Water Tanks - See our Ecosure water tank collection. Many sizes and many choices. Saving your rainwater saves you money.
Planters - See our selection of garden planters many styles, colours and sizes.

Watering Cans that come in a fantastic range of colours and styles

Watering Cans
See a fantastic new range of watering cans that are ideal for every keen gardener. They come in many styles and forms and a super colour range.

Garden Centres Find your Local Garden Centre here in the UK

Garden Centre Directory Here!
Click on the map above in your area and see our directory of garden centres for that area.

All Garden Centres can sign up for Free Just send us your details by email and we will happily add you to our Uk Garden Centre Directory.

Pet Products
New Pet Products - See our ranges of dog baths, dog beds, dog leads and more...
Nature Products

New See our many different types of binoculars, spotting scopes and more...


If you need more of an understanding on Flowers, types of flowers, meaning of flowers, names of flowers, or keeping and maintaining your garden you have found the right place. Here at we are always updating and adding new garden products and more information to help everyone out there take an interest and have the ideal garden.


Sponsored Llinks

Garden Ponds
garden water feature such as a pond is a welcome addition to any garden. Available in many sizes, garden ponds add animation attracting frogs and of wildlife to you garden.
Rainwater Tanks
We get enough rainfall here in the Uk to store our own rainwater and water bills are by far very expensive and especially if you are on a water metre they can really add up and cost you money that can be put back into your pocket. This is where we can help you! We supply and manufacturer rainwater tanks from small to large and in many shapes and colours.
Water Tanks
We have a wide range of water tanks instock from 5 litre up to 75,000 litre. We can also make bespoke tanks from GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic), this means we can manufacture a water tank specific to your needs.

Rainwater Harvesting
Rainwater harvesting saves you money, with the right setup its simple to do and you can have a endless supply of water all year round for your home and garden.
See about rainwater harvesting here

Garden Water Features
See our selection of garden water features. From many different styles and designs, bring that relaxing sensation to your garden this year.
Water butts, water tanks, garden ponds, plastic bins and more see gardens4 sister website
Boopop your online home and garden shop with whole new range of garden products.
Garden planters that are designed and made to meet your needs in a wide variety of styles, shapes, sizes and colours. Checkout our new urn planters they are even more stunning in the flesh.

Tank Shop
The largest online shop for all types of storage tanks; from water tanks for your garden to large underground storage tanks . We have large range of oil tanks, both domestic and waste oil, from 500litres up to 19,000 litres. We also have a selection of Adblue tanks


Water Butts

See a fantastic new range of garden planters, garden water features, underground water tank,
rainwater harvesting systems and more.. Also check out our garden information on plants and wildlife.


Water Butt Direct
Fantastic range of Ecosure water butts at fantastic prices and fast delivery.


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Potable Water Tanks
Take a look at our wide range of water tanks that are made from wras approved polymers which are suitable to hold drinking water.
Water Butt
Are you looking for a water butt? We have a wide collection of water butts from many different sizes and shapes so take a visit to -
Ideal for large plants or trees, our new planters are suitable for large gardens, shopping centres, high streets.
Plant- Pot
For all you happy gardeners out there, we have a beautiful selection of garden products which are made and manufatured here in the UK.